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LGeneral is a turn-based strategy game based on real WWII campaigns
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Matthias Speck

LGeneral is a turn-based strategy game based on real WWII campaigns. The game looks like a good clone of Panzer General, one of the greatest turn-based referents of all times. LGeneral puts you in command of either the allied forces or the axis. You have to strategically move your units to defeat the enemy. You can control tank battalions, destroyer fleets, and infantry platoons. There are several structures on the ground to capture, ranging from airfields to enemy bases.

In the game, there are many aspects that may change the outcome of a battle. At the beginning of each day (turn), you are given information about weather conditions. If there is foul weather, you can expect your units to lose visibility or even move slower.

As always, the degree to which you will like this game depends on how much you like turn-based strategy games. I have never felt for them. I think the action is non-existent, and games take a lot longer than they should. This particular game is an open-source project that uses certain binaries that are not shipped with the game. So, you have to look for DLL files before even launching the game or it will not work, or will work partially. However, as I said, if you like turn-based games, I'm sure you can get the hang of this one.

José Fernández
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  • Well-crafted
  • Lots of units


  • I personally don't like the lack of action in turn-based games
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